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RC 2020 - RC1: Galaxias y cosmología

Galaxias y cosmología

Fecha / Date
Lunes 13 de julio / Monday 13 July, 15:30h
  • Fernando Buitrago (ULisboa)
  • Anna Ferré Mateu (ICCUB)
  • Mónica Vázquez Acosta (IAC)


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 GC001.  Alonso Asensio, I. et al.  The intra-cluster light as a tracer of the total matter density distribution: a view from simulations
 GC002  Alvarez-Hurtado, P. et al.  Characterizing the MZR at global scales
 GC003  Angthopo, J. et al.  Exploring a new definition of green valley galaxies and its implication
 GC004  Asorey, J. et al.  HIR4: Cosmology from a simulated neutral hydrogen full sky using Horizon Run 4
 GC005  Baena-Gallé, R. et al.  Automatic scattered field estimation for the Stripe82 survey
 GC006  Baena-Gallé, R. et al.  Extended PSF for Subaru Hyper-Suprime Camera
 GC007  Barquín-González, L. et al.  Torus properties in intermediate type AGN
 GC008  Beckman, J. et al.  Two-dimensional resonance patterns in the discs of spiral galaxies
 GC009  Bellocchi, E. et al.  First results at sub-kpc scale in local LIRGs with ALMA
 GC010  Bellocchi, E. et al.  The multi–phase ISM in the nearby composite AGN-SB galaxy NGC 4945: large (parsecs) scale mechanical heating
 GC011  Bonavera, L. et al.  Cosmology with the submillimetre galaxies magnification bias: Proof of concept
 GC012  Bonavera, L. et al.  Point Source Detection with Fully-Convolutional Networks: Performance in Realistic Microwave Sky Simulations
 GC013  Brown, T. et al.  VERTICO: Virgo Environment Traced In CO
 GC014  Buitrago, F. & Trujillo, I.  Truncations at high redshift
 GC015  Cabello, C. et al.  Deep near-IR narrow-band imaging with CIRCE at GTC: searching for Lyα-emitters at z ∼9.3
 GC016  Cabello, C. et al.  First results of the GOYA survey: low-mass star-forming galaxies at different redshifts with the MOS mode of EMIR
 GC017  Castellanos, R. et al.  Extended Ionized Gas in Galaxy Clusters: the quest for low surface luminosity regions as tracers of galaxy evolution
 GC018  Cazzoli, S. et al.  New results on NGC7469 from high-resolution IFU spectroscopy with MEGARA@GTC
 GC019  Cazzoli, S. et al.  Unexplored outflows and feedback in low-luminosity AGNs: the case of NGC1052
 GC020  Chamba, N. et al.  Ultra-diffuse galaxies are smaller than Milky Way-like galaxies and more like dwarfs
 GC021  Corcho-Caballero, P. et al.  A single galaxy population? Statistical evidence that the Star-Forming Main Sequence might be the tip of the iceberg
 GC022  Costanin, L. et al.  SHARDS spectro-photometric decoupling
 GC023  Crespo Gómez, A. et al.  SINFONI stellar and gas kinematics comparison in local LIRGs: implications at high-z
 GC024  Cueli, M.M. et al.  Observational constraints on the halo mass function
 GC025  de Lorenzo-Cáceres, A. et al.  I had peanuts at the little bar! / Movie
 GC026  De Vicente, J.  Un nuevo paradigma cosmológico (Cosmic Lensing)
 GC027  Deconto Machado, A. et al.  Optical and UV properties of jetted active galactic nuclei
 GC028  del Moral-Castro, I. et al.  Are active galaxies more rotationally supported?
 GC029  Díaz García, L.A. & the J-PAS collaboration  Stellar population studies in the mini-JPAS survey: a test bench for J-PAS
 GC030  Díaz-García, S. & Knapen, J.  On the nature of starburst galaxies at low-z and their connection with interactions
 GC031  Díaz-García, S. et al.  A trimodality in the distribution of star formation in galactic bars
 GC032  Díaz-García, S. et al.  Do galactic bars drive the formation of inner/outer rings and spiral arms?
 GC033  Eftekhari, E. et al.  Spectral Indices in the NIR for Studying Stellar Populations
 GC034  Elias-Rosa, N. et al.  Gap transients: constraining their progenitors and evolution
 GC035  Espinosa-Ponce, C. et al.  HII regions in the CALIFA survey. Catalog presentation
 GC036  Esteban-Gutiérrez, A. et al.  The Impact of the Mass Spectrum of Lenses in Quasar Microlensing Studies. Constraints on a Mixed Population of Primordial Black Holes and Stars
 GC037  Galbany, L.  SIRAH - Supernovae in the InfRAred Avec Hubble
 GC038  Galbany, L. et al.  The All-weather MUse Supernova Integral-field Nearby Galaxies (AMUSING) survey
 GC039  García-Argumánez, Á. et al.  Self-consistent spatially resolved Star Formation Histories of 2 < z < 3 massive galaxies
 GC040  Giustini, M. et al.  X-ray Quasi-Periodic Eruptions from the galactic nucleus of RX J1301.9+2747
 GC041  Goicoechea, L.J. et al.  Accretion discs in central regions of microlensed quasars
 GC042  González-Nuevo, J. et al. .  SHALOS: Statistical Herschel-ATLAS lensed objects selection 
 GC043  González-Otero, M. et al.  Lockman-SpReSO: a deep OSIRIS spectroscopic survey
 GC044  Grajales-Medina, D. et al.  Understanding the merging process: the unusual case of the isolated galaxy triplet SIT45
 GC045  Guidi, F. on behalf of the QUIJOTE collaboration  Wide-survey of the QUIJOTE CMB experiment
 GC046  Hermosa Muñoz, L. et al.  Morphologically-identified outflows with ALFOSC/NOT imaging
 GC047  Hermosa Muñoz, L. et al.  Optical spectroscopy of nearby LINERs
 GC048  Hernández García, L...  Restarting activity in the nuclei of Giant Radio Galaxies (GRG)
 GC049  Infante-Sainz, R. et al.  The Sloan Digital Sky Survey extended point spread functions
 GC050  Jerabkova, T. et al.  Building bridges between stars and galaxies
 GC051  Jiménez Donaire, M.J.  Revealing Embedded Super Star Clusters in M82
 GC052  Jones, M. et al.  Towards a FAIR understanding of compact group evolution: A case study of HCG16
 GC053  Kehrig, C. et al.  Mapping the ionized gas of the metal-poor HII galaxy PHL 293B with MEGARA IFU
 GC054  Keitel, D.  Recent LIGO-Virgo searches for gravitational waves from neutron stars
 GC055  Lisenfeld, U. et al.  Molecular gas and star formation in galaxy mergers: Differences between S+S and S+E pairs
 GC056  Lorenzo, Marta et al.  Is the IMF top-heavy in all metal-poor environments? A critical test in Sextans A
 GC057  Lumbreras-Calle, A. et al.  The nature and evolution of emission line galaxies at intermediate redshift
 GC058  Martín-Navarro, I. et al.  Annoying neighbours: black hole feedback beyond the central host galaxy
 GC059  Martínez Solaeche, G. et al.  Measuring emission lines in J-PAS
 GC060  Mateu-Lucena, M. et al.  Using convergence tests to understand the performance of a parallel parameter estimation sampler for gravitational wave applications
 GC061  Mena-Fernández, J.  Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in DES-Y3 data
 GC062  Méndez-Abreu, J. et al.  The Origin of Bulges and Discs. The Stellar Mass Growth Unveiled using CALIFA Spectro-Photometric Decompositions
 GC063  Miener, T. et al.  Constraining the Dark Matter annihilation cross section
 GC064  Millán Irigoyen, I. et al.  Chemical evolution of galaxies: emerging dust and the different gas phases in a new multiphase code
 GC065  Millán Irigoyen, I. et al.  HR-pyPopStar: New SSP models of very high spectral resolution
 GC066  Navarro Martínez, R. et al.  The luminosity function of the Hβ emitters at z∼0.87 from the OTELO survey
 GC067  Oñorbe, J. et al.  CATARSIS: high-z observations and synergies
 GC068  Otero Santos, J. et al.   Optical variability studies of gamma-ray emitting blazars
 GC069  Otero Santos, J. et al.  Statistical studies of spectral variability in blazars
 GC070  Padura Feito, V.  Are spiral arms in N-body simulations triggered by invariant manifolds?
 GC071  Pérez, B. et al.  Chemical abundances in nearby galaxies from the Palomar Survey
 GC072  Ramos-Buades, A. et al.  Impact of eccentricity on the gravitational wave searches for binary black holes
 GC073  Rico-Villas, F. et al.  HC3N vibrationally excited emission in NGC 1068. Tracing the recent star formation in the starburst ring
 GC074  Rico-Villas, F. et al.  Super Hot Cores in NGC 253: Witnessing the formation and early evolution of super star clusters
 GC075  Rodríguez-Baras, M. et al.  A differential study of inner and outer disk HII regions of nearby spiral galaxies
 GC076  Rodríguez Beltrán, P. et al.  Surface Brightness Fluctuations: Preliminary approach to unveiling metal-poor components in elliptical galaxies
 GC077  Rodríguez Espinosa, J.M. et al...  An ionised bubble before the epoch of recombination
 GC078  Rodríguez-Martín, J.E. et al.  The Cluster 1001 detected in miniJPAS: Paving the way for galaxy evolution studies in J-PAS
 GC079  Rodríguez-Monroy, M. et al.  Galaxy clustering with the Dark Energy Survey Year 3 data / Movie
 GC080  Rosado-Belza, D. et al.  Linking stellar populations and kinematics in nuclear discs of nearby galaxies of the MUSE TIMER project
 GC081  Ruiz-Lara, T. et al.  Assessing the stability of the Magellanic spiral arms: The SMASH view
 GC082  Sabater, J.  A new deep view into the low frequency sky
 GC083  Salvador Rusiñol, N. et al.  Young stellar populations from NUV spectroscopy in massive early-type galaxies
 GC084  Sánchez Blázquez, P. et al.  CATARSIS: Calar Alto “Tetra-ARmed Super-Ifu Spectrograph” Survey / Movie
 GC085  Sanchez-Garcia, M. et al.  Spatially resolved star formation relations of dense molecular gas in NGC 1068
 GC086  Sarmiento, R.  Galaxy morphology classification using unsupervised machine learning techniques
 GC087  Sotillo Ramos, D. et al.  Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): the interplay between mass, metallicity and SFR in galaxy groups
 GC088  Tous, J.L. et al.  Spectral classification of S0 galaxies in the nearby Universe: a tale of two subpopulations
 GC089  Valerdi, M. et al.  Helium abundance in the catalog of HII regions in the CALIFA survey