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RC 2020 - RC5: Instrumentación y Supercomputación

Instrumentación y Supercomputación

Fecha / Date
Miércoles 15 de julio / Wednesday 15 July, 15:30h
  • Maite Ceballos (IFCA)
  • Antonio Marín Franch (CEFCA)
  • José Miguel Rodríguez-Espinosa (IAC)


   Autor/a  Título
 IS001..  Alacid, J.M. & Solano, E.  Science-ready data in the GTC and Calar Alto Archives
 IS002  Allende Prieto, C.  HORuS higher resolution for GTC
 IS003  Baquero, A. et al.  Onsite Analysis for the Large Size Telescope prototype of CTA / Movie
 IS004  Barneo, P.J. et al.  Implementation of de-noising methods in the cWB pipeline for the analysis of LIGO/Virgo gravitational data
 IS005  Barrios Pérez, J. & Ferrer Jorge, E.G.  TEIDESAT
 IS006  Béjar, V.J.S. et al.  The GTC Adaptive Optics and Laser Guide Star system (GTCAO-LGS)
 IS007  Bernet, M. et al.  Making the most of Gaia Raw Data: Sub-pixellic CrossMatch of Gaia Observations
 IS008  Bustamante, I.  From science to industry, technology transference with CubeSats
 IS009  Cabrera-Lavers, A.  GTC Science Operations and Instrumentation plan
 IS010  Calcines, A. et al.  GNIRS image slicers at GEMINI: Design & manufacturing
 IS011  Cardiel López, N. et al.  Filabres, a new pipeline for the automatic data reduction of CAFOS direct imaging
 IS012  Ceballos, M.T. et al.  Transition Edge Sensors devices ‘Made in Spain’: from fabrication to photon energy measurements
 IS013  Colomer, F.  VLBI20-30: A scientific roadmap for the next decade
 IS014  Gallego, J. et al.  Institutional contributions to TARSIS
 IS015  García-Vargas, M. et al.  TARSIS Management Plan
 IS016  Gil de Paz, A. et al.  Tetra-ARmed Super-Ifu Spectrograph / Movie
 IS017  Hernanz, M. et al.  eXTP: an European-Chinese X-ray mission to study the state of matter under extreme conditions
 IS018  Infante-Sainz, R. et al.  Long term and archivable reproducibility, a summary
 IS019  Ishiyama, T. & Prada, F., on behalf of the Uchuu Collaboration  Uchuu Data Release 1
 IS020  Jiménez, I. for the MAGIC collaboration  High angular resolution at optical wavelengths using the Intensity interferometry technique in the MAGIC telescopes
  IS021  Labiano, A. on behalf of the MRS team.....  The JWST/MIRI Medium Resolution Spectrometer.....................
 IS022  Lombardo, S. & the CASTLE team  The Calar Alto Schmidt-Lemaitre Telescope: an innovate concept for wide field astronomy
 IS023  Marín, D. et al.  PLATO Follow-up coordination. Specification and Development proposal
 IS024  Martínez-Núñez, S. et al.  The Athena Community Office
 IS025  Mateos, I.  A Magnectic Subsystem Technology Demostrator based on Chip-scale Sensors for Magnetically Sensitive Space Missions
 IS026  Masana, E. et al.  A Gaia map of the natural sky brightness
 IS027  Mor, R. et al.  Expanding Big Data mining for Astronomy
 IS028  Nieto, D. et al.  Deep learning meets very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy. Reconstructing events from imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes with deep convolutional neural networks
 IS029  Oria, A. on behalf of the NRT collaboration  The 4-m New Robotic Telescope (NRT): status of the optomechanical systems
 IS030  Peláez, A.E.  “New Space” for Astronomy and Astrophysics
 IS031  Piqueras López, J. et al.  CAB contribution to ELT-HARMONI
 IS032  Prada, F. on behalf of the MAAT Collaboration  MAAT@GTC - A new Integral-Field Spectroscopy mode for OSIRIS on the GTC
 IS033  Sánchez Expósito, S. et al.  IAA-CSIC activities to develop a SKA Regional Centre Prototype
 IS034  Santander-García, M. et al.  Yebes RT40m: a radiotelescope in a village of La Mancha (or almost)
 IS035  Torne, P. et al.  First application of a Kinetic Inductance Detector (KID) Camera to Pulsar Science in the Millimetre Regime