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RC 2020 - RC3: Vía Láctea y sus componentes

Vía Láctea y sus componentes

Fecha / Date
Martes 14 de julio / Tuesday 14 July, 15:30h
  • Santi Roca-Fàbrega (UCM)
  • Sergio Simón-Díaz (IAC)     
  • Eva Villaver (UAM)


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 VL001..  Aller, A. et al.  The role of TESS in the search for binary central stars of planetary nebulae
 VL002  Alonso-Santiago, J. & Frasca. A.  WEAVE: the young stars pipeline
 VL003  Anders, F. et al.  Reanalysing the Galactic open-cluster population in light of Gaia DR2
 VL004  Anders, F. et al.  Stellar radial migration as a subdiffusive process
 VL005  Anguiano, B.  The Stellar Velocity Distribution Function in the Milky Way Galaxy
 VL006  Antoja, T. et al.  The Sagittarius stream with Gaia data / Movie1 / Movie2
 VL007  Areal, M.B. et al.  The 13CO/C18O abundance ratio in the galactic star forming region W33
 VL008  Arellano-Córdova, K.Z. et al.  Understanding the chemical evolution of C, O, N, Ne, S, Cl and Ar in the Milky Way using H II regions
 VL009  Balaguer-Núñez, L. et al.  Clusterix2.0: a virtual observatory tool to estimate cluster membership probability
 VL010  Barceló Forteza, S. et al.  Unveiling the power spectra of Scuti stars with TESS. The temperature, gravity, and frequency scaling relation
 VL011  Berlanas, S. et al.  Exploring the core of the nearest massive star-forming region: A study of Cygnus OB2
 VL012  Britavskiy, N. et al.  The IACOB project: searching for empirical signatures of binarity in fast-rotating Galactic O stars and B supergiants
 VL013  Carbajo-Hijarrubia, J. et al.  Status of the OCCASO survey for the analysis of the chemistry of the Galactic disc
 VL014  Carnero Rosell, A. et al.  Brown dwarf census with the Dark Energy Survey year 3 data and the thin disk scale height of early L types
 VL015  Carrera, R.  The complex lives of Open Clusters: Extended halo of NGC 2682 (M 67)
 VL016  Castro-Ginard, A. et al.  (Big) Data mining Gaia DR2 to study the Galactic open cluster population
 VL017  Chrobáhová, Z. et al.  Structure of the outer galactic disk with Gaia DR2
 VL018  Cifuentes, C. et al.  Colours and luminosities of M dwarfs in the CARMENES input catalogue
 VL019  Climent, J.B. et al.  Radio and infrared interferometry of low-mass stars and exoplanets
 VL020  Cortés-Contreras, M. et al...  Kinematics of M dwarfs in the CARMENES input catalogue
 VL021  Cortés-Contreras, M. et al...  The Gran Telescopio Canarias OSIRIS Broad Band First Data Release
 VL022  Cruz, Patricia et al.  A large-sample analysis of the radius anomaly in short-period eclipsing binaries
 VL023  de Burgos, A. et al.  Spectroscopic and kinematic study of blue and red supergiants in Per OB1
 VL024  de Gregorio-Monsalvo, I. et al.  Origin of the emission at centimeter wavelengths in the transitional disk surrounding T Chamaleontis
 VL025  Figueras, F. et al.  Research activities of the Spanish Network for Gaia Science Exploitation (REG)
 VL026  Gallart, C. et al.  Uncovering the birth of the Milky Way through accurate stellar ages with Gaia
 VL027  García-Conde, B. et al.  Phase spirals in cosmological simulations
 VL028  García-Rojas, J. et al.  A MUSE view of high-ADF planetary nebulae
 VL029  García-Vargas, M.L. et al.  MEGASTAR: MEGARA-GTC Stellar Spectral Library
 VL030  González Cuesta, L. et al.  Optimizing TESS short cadence aperture for Asteroseismology of solar-like stars
 VL031  González Hernández, J.I. et al.  The extreme enhancement in CNO of the iron-poor dwarf star J0815+4729
 VL032  González-Payo, J. et al.  Wide companions to M and L subdwarfs with Gaia DR2 and the Virtual Observatory
 VL033  González Santamaría, I. et al.  Binary Stars in Planetary Nebulae with Gaia DR2
 VL034  Gutiérrez Albarrán, M.L. et al.  The Gaia-ESO Survey: Calibrating the lithium-age relation with open clusters and associations
 VL035  Guzmán-Díaz, J. et al.  Homogeneous study of Herbig Ae/Be stars from spectral energy distributions. Disk clearing by photoevaporation
 VL036  Herrero, A. et al.  A WEAVE-Cygnus HR: an exploration of Cygnus-X
 VL037  Holgado, G. et al.  GALANTE: photometric survey of O+B+WR stars in the Galactic Plane. Status and first results
 VL038  Jiménez-Esteban, F. et al.  The Galactic white dwarf population as seen by Gaia-DR2 and the Virtual Observatory
 VL039  Jones, D. et al.  PHOEBE binary star modelling in the era of Kepler and TESS
 VL040  Jones, D. et al.  Post-RGB Planetary Nebulae
 VL041  Labarga, F. et al.  The chromospheric activity of M Dwarfs from visible and near-infrared CARMENES spectra: analysis of flux-flux relationships
 VL042  Labarga, F. & Montes, D.  iSTARMOD: a Python code to quantify the chromospheric activity of FGKM stars using the Spectral Subtraction Technique
 VL043  López-Sanjuan, C. et al.  White dwarfs in the Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey J-PLUS
 VL044  Marcos-Arenal, P. et al.  GRAVITY Interferometric analysis and modelling of disks around Herbig Be stars
 VL045  Marfil, E. et al.  Stellar atmospheric parameters of FGK-type stars (EW method) and M-type stars (spectral synthesis) from high-resolution optical and near-infrared CARMENES spectra
 VL046  Martín, E.L. et al.  Preparation of Euclid Legacy Science on Ultracool Dwarfs
 VL047  Martínez-Núñez, S. et al....  Diving into the whirlpool – understanding accretion in High-Mass X-ray Binaries with Vela X-1
 VL048  Masseron, T. et al.  Discovery of Phosphorus-rich stars
 VL049  Mata Sánchez, D. et al.  Pushing the limits of binary evolution models with PSR J1012+5307
 VL050  Mathur, S. et al.  Surface rotation and magnetic activity of solar-like stars observed by the Kepler mission
 VL051  Méndez-Delgado, J.E. et al.  Photoionized Herbig-Haro objects in the Orion Nebula through VLT´s deep spectroscopy I: HH529 II-III
 VL052  Mendigutía, I. et al.  Feed and Grow. Understanding and Measuring disk-to-star Accretion Rates
 VL053  Mignon-Risse, T. et al.  High-mass turbulent core collapse with ambipolar diffusion and hybrid radiative transfer
 VL054  Miret-Roig, N. et al.  Dynamical traceback age of the β Pictoris moving group
 VL055  Miró Carretero, J. et al.  Tracing in stellar tidal streams in the Milky Way halo with the J-PLUS photometry
 VL056  Monguió, M. et al.  IGAPS: the merged IPHAS and UVEX optical surveys of the northern Galactic plane
 VL057  Montes, D. et al.  Identifying activity-sensitive spectral lines in the CARMENES VIS and NIR spectral range of M dwarfs
 VL058  Mor, R. et al.  Gaia mission data reveals a re-ignition of star formation in the Milky Way’s disc about 5 billion years ago
 VL059  Munday, J. et al.  The post-common-envelope binary central star of the planetary nebula ETHOS 1
 VL060  Navó, G. et al.  A statistical method for the identification of stars enriched in neutron-capture elements from medium-resolution spectra
 VL061  Palau Puigvert, A. et al.  Fragmentation of molecular clouds: the role of magnetic field
 VL062  Pardo-Araujo, C. et al.  Probing the precessing bar model for the Galactic warp origin
 VL063  Patrick, L.R.  Radial velocity variability of Red supergiant stars
 VL064  Patrick, L.R. et al.  Multiplicity properties of the pre-supernova population of NGC330
 VL065  Pérez Blanco, A. et al.  Clustering properties of Herbig Ae/Be stars - CEREAL
 VL066  Ramos, P. et al.  The Halo-Disc dynamical coupling. Gaia blind detection of the Monoceros and ACS structures
 VL067  Riádigos, I. et al.  Cosmic Rays as a clue constraint in Exoplanet Habitability
 VL068  Ribas, Á. et al.  Protoplanetary disks meet artificial neural networks: revisiting the viscous disk model and updated disk masses
 VL069  Roca-Fàbrega, S. et al.  The bimodal A(Li) distribution of Milky Way’s thin disk stars and the Galactic scale events
 VL070  Rodrigo Blanco, C. et al.  VOSA 7.0 - A VO Spectral Energy Distribution Analyzer. New features
 VL071  Rodrigo Blanco, C. & Solano, E.  The SVO Filter Profile Service
 VL072  Rodríguez-Baras, M. et al.  Statistical trends of the GEMS molecular database
 VL073  Romero-Gómez, M. et al.  Dissecting the Galactic bar using Gaia observables and statistical techniques
 VL074  Ruiz-Lara, T. et al.  The recurrent impact of the Sagittarius dwarf on the Milky Way star formation history / Movie
 VL075  Simón-Díaz, S. et al.  The IACOB project: Hunting for spectroscopic binaries in the OB supergiant domain. The pulsational variability menace
 VL076  Simón-Díaz, S. et al.  The IACOB spectroscopic database. New interface and second data release
 VL077  Solano Márquez, E. et al.  Transient characterization using the Virtual Observatory
 VL078  Sotillo Ramos, D. et al.  The diverse evolutionary pathways of Milky Way-like galaxies with TNG50
 VL079  Tabernero, H.M. et al.  StePar/SteParSyn: two automatic codes to infer stellar atmospheric parameters
 VL080  Trigueros, E. et al.  MONOS: Multiplicity of Northern O-type Spectroscopic Systems
 VL081  Vioque, M. et al.  Cataloguing new high-mass Pre-Main Sequence and Classical Be stars using Machine Learning and Gaia
 VL082  Viscasillas Vázquez, C.  Chemical abundances of s- and r-process elements in the Solar Vicinity3