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RC 2020 - RC2: Ciencias planetarias

Ciencias planetarias

Fecha / Date
Lunes 13 de julio / Monday 13 July, 15:30h
  • Paula Benavidez (UA)
  • Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU)
  • Ignasi Ribas (ICE-IEEC)


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 CP001..  Andrés-Carcasona, M. et al.  Comparison of different advection schemes for 3D atmospheric codes / Movie
 CP002  Anguiano-Arteaga, A. et al.  Variations in the spectral reflectivity of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
 CP003  Benavidez, P. et al.  Possible reaction of Dimorphos to the DART (NASA) collision
 CP004  Cardesín-Moinelo, A. et al.  Venus atmospheric cloud opacity, particle size and top temperature mapped in the nightside with VIRTIS Venus Express
 CP005  Carrascosa, H. et al.  Photon-induced desorption of large species at low temperature in TNOs
 CP006  Carrión-González, Ó. et al.  Directly imaged exoplanets in reflected starlight: The importance of knowing the planet radius
 CP007  Casasayas-Barris, N. et al.   Characterising the atmosphere of ultra hot Jupiters: MASCARA-2b
 CP008  Castro González, A. et al.  Exoplanets and variable stars in K2 data. A Pro-Am collaboration
 CP009  Chen-Chen, H. et al.  Retrieval of Martian dust particle size, shape, and optical depth during the 2018/MY34 global dust storm with MSL rover Navigation Cameras
 CP010  González Díaz, C. et al.  Thermal conductivity measurements of salt-bearing ice analogs for the Jovian moons to interpret future JUICE mission
 CP011  González Egea, E. et al.  Serendipitous discovery of a dusty disk around a DAZ white dwarf
 CP012  Hernández-Bernal, J. et al.  Dynamics of the extremely elongated cloud on Mars Arsia Mons volcano
 CP013  Hueso, R. et al.  Monitoring Neptune’s atmosphere with a combination of small and large telescopes: The role of Spanish Telescopes in a global international campaign
 CP014  Lillo-Box, J. et al.  Masses for the seven planets in K2-32 and K2-233. Four diverse planets in resonant chain and the first young rocky worlds
 CP015  Lopez-Valverde, M.A. et al.  Observing the upper atmosphere of Mars with NOMAD/TGO
 CP016  Moral Pombo, D. et al.  Mid-infrared spectroscopy of primitive asteroids in the outer edge of the main belt
 CP017  Padilla, Kelly G. et al.  X-ray tomography: A valuable tool to study chondritic meteorites
 CP018  Pallé, E. & NEREA team  NEREA: a red/near-IR spectrograph concept for the GTC
 CP019  Rebollido, I. et al.  Exocomets: A study of the gaseous environment of A-type main-sequence stars
 CP020  Sánchez-Bayton, M. et al.  Morphological study of landforms on The Norther Polar Region of Mars
 CP021  Sánchez-García, M.M. et al.  Earth to Mars areostationary mission optimization analysis
 CP022  Sanz Requena, J.F. et al.  Hazes and clouds in Saturn's atmosphere from HST