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RC 2020 - HR3

HR3: From Precision Cosmology to Cosmology under revision
Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo (CEFCA)
Fecha / Date
Martes 14 de julio (mañana) / Tuesday 14 July (morning)

Is the era of Precision Cosmology leading to a crisis in Cosmology? After about 20 extremely exciting years during which the amount (and quality) of cosmological data of our Universe has mapped different epochs of our universe down to exquisite detail, we are currently encountering a situation where different probes yield highly precise but inconsistent measurements of some cosmological parameters. While systematics in the observations would be the least attractive (but yet possible) explanation, current studies seem to be leaning towards more profound possibilities invoking new physics. As if the the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the search for relativistic species, the very early Universe, or the test of gravity on cosmological scales were not appealing enough, Cosmology is now posing new questions that are attracting more communities from very different fields of expertise. Long life to Cosmology!