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SHARDS^JWST postdoc at CAB

Centro de Astrobiología (CAB/CSIC-INTA)
Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Vie, 26/07/2019
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Dom, 15/09/2019


The Astrobiology Center (CAB/CSIC-INTA) in Spain welcomes applications for a postdoctoral position at the Astrophysics Department. The successful applicant will work with Dr. Pablo G. Pérez-González and his research group.

The postdoc will engage in research activities within the SHARDS^JWST project aimed at understanding galaxy evolution through multi-wavelength spectrophotometric data from the SHARDS, SHARDS Frontier Fields, NIRSH, JWST CEERS, and JWST GTO collaborations, all counting with already carried out or guaranteed observations. The SHARDS OSIRIS@GTC Large Program is the deepest medium-band survey in the world, providing data in 25 filters in the optical, each one reaching 27 mag, in the GOODS-N field. SHARDS-FF is extending the survey to 2 Frontier Field clusters, A370 and MACS1149. NIRSH is extending the survey to the near-infrared, using a dedicated set of medium-band filters on EMIR@GTC. Our team is also heavily involved in already approved observations with JWST, mainly in the CEERS Early Release Science program and the MIRI GTO. The postdoc will have the opportunity to work in their own research for 15% of the time, and collaborate with researchers at CAB, involved in future observatories such as E-ELT or SPICA. CAB has access through Spanish time to facilities such as the GTC, ING and CAHA telescopes, IRAM, and also to ESO observatories.

Candidates must hold a PhD in Astronomy or Physics, and experience in multiwavelength data reduction and analysis in the context of galaxy evolution. The salary will be approximately 2700€ per month before taxes (12 monthly payments per year).

The job starts in early 2020, and the position is for 2 years, with an extra year depending on performance and funds availability.

Applicants should submit a CV, publication list, a research statement (no longer than 3 pages), and provide 2 letters of reference, to be emailed to All applications received before September 15, 2019 will receive full consideration.