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INPhINIT Incoming PhD Fellowship: "CosmoHub next generation: Enabling open science, analysis and data management in the Big Data era for multi-messenger Astronomy"

Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE)
Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Lun, 09/11/2020
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Jue, 04/02/2021


The "Institut de Física d'Altes Energies" (IFAE) in Barcelona welcomes applications for a three-years PhD position in Multi-Messenger data analysis in Big Data technologies within the framework of the “Doctorate INPhINIT Programme” from the La Caixa Foundation.

The doctoral fellowship programme INPhINIT ”la Caixa” is devoted to attracting talented Early-Stage Researchers—of any nationality—who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Spanish or Portuguese territory. Sponsored by ”la Caixa” Foundation, it is aimed at supporting the best scientific talent and fostering innovative and high-quality research in Spain and Portugal by recruiting outstanding international students and offering them an attractive and competitive environment for conducting research of excellence:

IFAE is a multidisciplinary research institute that has a strong focus on  experimental astronomy. IFAE is collaborating in research projects  in  gamma-ray astronomy (MAGIC, CTA), optical galaxy surveys (DES, PAU, Euclid, DESI) and gravitational wave astronomy (LIGO, Virgo). Multi-Messenger (MM) astronomy is based on the simultaneous recording and interpretation of various signals from space. The four extrasolar messengers are electromagnetic radiation, gravitational waves, neutrinos, and cosmic rays, and they are created by different astrophysical processes. Therefore IFAE is in a unique position to enable synergies by combining the information coming from the different instruments and has also scientific interest to address MM analysis.
The Port d’Informació Científica (PIC) data center leads several of the data management activities that IFAE is involved in. PIC is the reference data center for the MAGIC collaboration and the PAU survey. It is the Spanish Scientific Data Center of the Euclid mission and provides support to DES, DESI, LIGO/Virgo and CTA-LST1. 

Since 2014, PIC has developed and hosts CosmoHub (, an interactive data exploration and distribution platform which, at its current implementation, is mainly used in observational Cosmology, hosting both observed and simulated galaxy catalogs.

The PhD candidate will focus the research on the design and implementation of the next version of the CosmoHub platform within the context of Multi-Messenger Astronomy and collaborative data analysis (MM-CosmoHub). Interested candidates are encouraged to contact IFAE, acting as potential host institution for the position.

For further information please contact Dr. Jorge Carretero Palacios (