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Formation and evolution of lenticular galaxies and their environment

Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Mar, 13/10/2020
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Mar, 27/10/2020


A four-year PhD contract is offered in the framework of the Project “Severo Ochoa” at IAA-CSIC. The selected candidate is expected to carry out her/his activity in the research line of Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology. Supervisor: Jaime Perea (

The proposed research refers to the field of galaxy formation and evolution by means of observations at different wavelenght ranges, numerical simulations, and statistical inference using Machine Learning applied to large astronomical datasets. The thesis topic will cover the study of the formation of lenticular galaxies through gravitational interaction or merger of late type galaxies. The Project is to be developed within an important national and international collaboration, participating in several observational projects that involve top-level ground-based facilities such as Calar Alto, GTC, MeerKAT or the VLA. Access is granted to the powerful computing resources needed for the simulations.

Main tasks:

The work will begin with the analysis of very high resolution simulations of the interaction of galaxies in groups and pairs. In parallel the candidate will start to implement a full SPH hydrodynamics framework for the simulations. At a second stage high resolution SPH simulations will be produced and compared with observed properties of the stellar and gaseous components of S0 galaxies.

It is expected that the candidate will be able to correctly understand the properties that are derived from the observations, therefore, he/she will have to be involved in the data processing of two-dimensional spectroscopy, especially with regard to kinematics and two-dimensional photometry, taking into account the appropriate treatment of extinction when required.

In addition to the scientific results of this research, which is basically the evolution of galaxies in dense environments, a series of tools associated with the analysis of the simulations will be developed, mainly in the "Big Data" section.  A useful knowledge of supercomputing techniques for modern programming languages, such as Julia or Python, will also be acquired.

Applications must be submitted online at the URL of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación .  To request the present research project please use the following reference: SEV-2017-0709-20-3

Candidates are also encouraged to contact Dr. Jaime Perea ( and provide the following information:

    - Curriculum vitae, with a publication list if relevant;

    - A statement of interest (max. one page, including a brief description of research interests and relevant experience);

    - Copies of university grades, certificates and/or diplomas;

    - Names and contact details of 2 experts who are prepared to send confidential recommendation letters should they be requested to do so.