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First Announcement: "Beyond the Edge of the Universe: latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys"

De 07/10/2024 hasta 11/10/2024
Sintra, Portugal

Beyond the Edge of the Universe: latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys


First Announcement

The Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences is pleased to announce the International Astronomy Conference “Beyond the Edge of the Universe: latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys”

October 07-11, 2024, Sintra, Portugal


Dear colleagues,

this is the first announcement of the conference:

“Beyond the Edge of the Universe: latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys”

organised by the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences. This conference will be held on 07-11 October 2024, in Sintra, a beautiful region just 30 km west of central Lisbon classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site (see

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The outline of the Conference is given below and also at the Conference website:
Contact email: 

Conference Rationale:

After the success of the first two installments of this conference series (“At the Edge of the Universe” in 2006 and “Back at the Edge of the Universe” in 2015), it’s time to return to beautiful Sintra and discuss the latest achievements of the deepest observations of the Universe.

This time, we find ourselves exploring the observations that were so eagerly anticipated 9 years ago (and mostly only dreamt of 18 years ago), in what is truly a transformative epoch in our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution. With remarkable observational facilities pushing the boundaries of the observable Universe to uncharted territory, from X-rays to radio wavelengths, we are now closer than ever to witnessing the formation of the first structures (stars, galaxies, clusters) in the Universe.

Are we living the moment when we finally grasp how galaxies form? Can we unveil the emergence of the first stars and determine if they fully account for the energetic radiation that reionised the neutral intergalactic medium? Can we finally pinpoint the role of  supermassive black holes for galaxy assembly, and how they come to exist within a few hundred Myr after the Big Bang? Can the deepest observations reveal the intricate and evolving relationship between star-formation and AGN activity, leading to the quick establishment of galaxies?

Is the current generation of powerful space-based telescopes like JWST and EUCLID, and ground-based facilities such as ALMA, VLT or the SKA-precursors, able to settle one of the most pressing issues of modern research?

Continuing the tradition set by previous editions of this nine-year conference, we aim to analyse galaxy formation and evolution in the light of the deepest astronomical observations. The focus is on the latest observational results, and on how they shape, and are interpreted by, the latest theoretical framework.

Main Topics:

– Galaxy formation, the first billion years
– Reionization
– High-redshift star-forming galaxies
– Early AGN activity
– High-z quiescent galaxies
– Environments at high redshifts
– Gas and dust at early epochs
– Feedback processes
– Galaxy mergers and morphological evolution
– Galaxy mass assembly
– Star-formation History
– Extragalactic backgrounds
– The next generation of deep surveys

 Scientific Organising Committee:

José Afonso (chair, IA), Andrea Cimatti (U. Bologna), Elisabete da Cunha (UWA), Mark Dickinson (NOIRLab), James Dunlop (ROE), Henry Ferguson (STScI), Mauro Giavalisco (U. Massachusetts), Ken Kellermann (NRAO), Lisa Kewley (CfA), Manuela Magliocchetti (INAF-IAPS), Bahram Mobasher (U. California), Ray Norris (CASS), Laura Pentericci (co-chair, INAF-OAR), Piero Rosati (U. Ferrara), Emma Ryan-Weber (ASTRO3D), Renske Smit (Astrophysics Research Institute, LJMU), Linda Tacconi (MPE), Susanna Vergani (CNRS)

Local Organising Committee:

Davi Barbosa, Sandra Homem, Israel Matute (chair), Henrique Miranda, Ciro Pappalardo, João Retrê (Science Communication Coordinator)


The conference will be hosted in the modern Olga Cadaval Theatre, at the center of one of the most beautiful villages in the world, Sintra. Just 30 km away from central Lisbon, the “Cultural Landscape of Sintra” is part of the World Heritage List, displaying a unique mixture of nature and architectural treasures. Sintra, with its fairytale palaces and luxuriant vegetation resulting from a unique microclimate, has inspired many great writers and poets: Lord Byron called it a “Glorious Eden”, while Robert Southley longed to spend his last days there.

For the sea lovers, the extensive Sintra’s coastline offers many opportunities for surf and windsurf (Guincho, a renowned windsurfing Mecca, is just minutes away). Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point in continental Europe is also nearby, hosting spectacular coastline views all the way to Lisbon.

We hope you can attend the “Beyond the Edge of the Universe” conference. If you are coming, either for the first time or returning after the 2015 or the 2006 meetings, we strongly advise you to take a couple of extra days to explore this beautiful place. If you are keen on running, you might even take the opportunity to run the beautiful Lisbon Marathon, which will take place immediately before our conference. 

On the conference webpages you will find more information about Sintra and Lisbon, so that you can enjoy your Deep24 experience to the fullest.

Social Presence:

The conference will have a strong social presence, offering prospective participants updates about the organisation as it unravels. Notes about Sintra, interesting places and their history, what to do and where to go before and after the conference, what and who you will hear at the conference, and approaching deadlines will be posted periodically at

besides on the conference webpage. Email notices about important deadlines will also be sent to all prospective participants.

Important dates:

08 January 2024: First announcement; pre-registration available
19 February 2024: Second announcement. Registration opens
15 April 2024: Third announcement
13 May 2024: Registration and Abstract submission deadline
17 June 2024: Final Conference Programme
21 July 2024: Registration fee payment deadline
07 October 2024: Conference Starts


If you are interested in receiving further announcements, please pre-register at the conference website or follow us on facebook or twitter. Registration and abstract submission can be made through the conference webpages.


In addition to invited talks, contributed papers (oral or poster) can be presented. The SOC will select a limited number of contributions for oral presentation on the basis of the submitted abstracts.

Contact information:

For inquiries concerning travel, accommodation, and other logistic details, please consult the conference webpage or contact the LOC.


Telephone: +351 21 361 67 39

Please feel free to disseminate this information among your colleagues.