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ERC funded PhD positions at ESO on Galaxy & Halo Properties and on Star & Planet Formation

Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Mar, 15/11/2022
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Jue, 12/01/2023


Dear colleagues,

we would be grateful if you could bring these vacancy notices for two PhD positions at ESO to the attention of potentially interested candidates.

In the context of the ERC Consolidator Grant CLEVeR (PI Paola Popesso) and the ERC Starting Grant WANDA (PI Carlo Manara hosted at the ESO headquarters in Garching, Germany, two PhD positions are being opened. 

The PhD student in the CLEVeR team will develop an original research program based on the connection of galaxy properties as derived from the MaNGA IFU data and the host halo properties as derived from eROSITA. The aim is to understand the relation between the thermodynamical properties of the circum-galactic medium and the activity of the central galaxy and to identify the main environmental process that lead to the suppression of the star formation in satellite galaxies. The PhD student will have the opportunity to actively collaborate with the members of the eROSITA Consortium and to seek further collaboration in the lively environment of ESO and of the Garching campus. 

The PhD student in the WANDA team will develop an original research program based on optical high-resolution spectroscopy of pre-main sequence stars. The aim is to study the multiplicity of these targets, to be compared with disk morphologies, as well as their stellar and accretion properties. The PhD student will collaborate with the WANDA team ( and other collaborators at ESO, and interact with collaborators from the international ULLYSES and PENELLOPE projects and many other colleagues, while being fully inserted in the ESO science environment.

The deadline for applications is Friday January, 13th 2023 at 12:00 (noon) CET, and the selection process will start shortly after, and interviews for the selected candidates are expected in February. The starting date is negotiable, but it must be between April and December 2023. 

Information on the required application material and on the duration of the contracts is available in the attached ads.

For any question, please contact Paola Popesso ( ) and/or Carlo Manara (


Paola Popesso, Carlo Manara