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Empleos - becas

Título Tipo/type Fecha límite Inicio Centro/Institution País/Country Descripción/Description Enlace/Link
Post-docs INAF (Italia) Postdoctoral 10/01/2011 20/12/2010 INAF + Información
Contrato postdoctoral en evolución de galaxias - University of Nottingham Postdoctoral 06/01/2011 15/12/2010 University of Nottingham. Reino Unido + Información
Contratos postdoctorales en fisica solar/estelar - High Altitude Observatory, NCAR Postdoctoral 05/01/2011 15/12/2010 High Altitude Observatory, NCAR. Boulder, CO, EE.UU. + Información
Contratos postdoctorales en cosmología teórica - Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth Postdoctoral 05/01/2011 04/11/2010 Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth. Reino Unido + Información
HAO-NCAR Postdoctoral Fellowships in Solar Physics Postdoctoral 05/01/2011 18/11/2010 The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) in Boulder, Colorado The High Altitude Observatory (HAO) in Boulder, Colorado announces its 2011 postdoctoral fellowship program. Scientists at HAO conduct research related to solar/stellar interiors and variability (including asteroseismology and the solar-stellar connection), the lower solar atmosphere, corona and... -
3 Contratos postdoctorales en formación y evolución de galaxias y 1 en astronomía teórica- Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge Postdoctoral 04/01/2011 04/11/2010 Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge. Reino Unido + Información
Position available on SPIRE at Imperial College London Postdoctoral 04/01/2011 01/12/2010 Imperial College London Research Associate in the Herschel-SPIRE Instrument Team Astrophysics Group, Department of Physics South Kensington Campus Salary £30,680 to £33,250 per annum Fixed term: up to 30th June 2012 in the first instance, commencing 1st February 2011 or as soon as possible thereafter, with a possibility... -
Contratos postdoctorales en astrofísica extragaláctiva y cosmología - Durham University Postdoctoral 04/01/2011 04/11/2010 Durham University. Reino Unido + Información
Plaza de profesor en astronomía planetaria - University of Central Florida Postdoctoral 03/01/2011 18/12/2010 Dpt. of Physics. University of Central Florida. Orlando, FL, EE.UU. + Información
3 contratos postdoctorales en teoría de SN - CEA (Saclay), LUTh (Meudon) & IPN (Orsay) Postdoctoral 02/01/2011 15/12/2010 CEA (Saclay), LUTh (Meudon) & IPN (Orsay). Francia + Información
Contrato postdoctoral para trabajar con ALMA - Universidad de Chile Postdoctoral 31/12/2010 04/11/2010 Department of Astronomy, Universidad de Chile. Santiago, Chile + Información
PhD position on PDRs in the Milky Way and in nearby galaxies at IRAM/Granad Postdoctoral 31/12/2010 01/12/2010 IRAM Granada Spain The Instituto Radioastronomia Milimetrica (IRAM) in Granada/Spain is seeking an ambitious and highly motivated PhD student to work on observations and modelling of Galactic and extra galactic photon dominated regions. IRAM is an international research organisation for millimeter/submillimeter... -
Postdoctoral VESF fellowship for Theoretical Gravitational-Wave Studies at Valencia University Postdoctoral 31/12/2010 01/12/2010 Universitat de Valenica Spain The relativistic astrophysics group at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the University of Valencia “UVEG” ( ) is seeking applications from highly motivated and competitive candidates for one VESF-funded postdoctoral position for a duration of two years in the... -
Postdoc Consolider en la Universidad de Alicante Postdoctoral 31/12/2010 10/10/2010 Universidad de Alicante Spain La Universidad de Alicante convocará en breve una plaza post-doctoral en el marco del proyecto del Plan Nacional CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010. Primera Ciencia con GTC: La Astronomía Española a la vanguardia de la Astronomía Europea. La plaza se convoca para cubrir una vacante y, en principio, se... -
Programa de becas postdoctorales del CIERA - Northwestern University Postdoctoral 31/12/2010 06/10/2010 Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics. Northwestern University. Evanston, IL, EE.UU. + Información