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Beca FPI Ciencia con CTA en CIEMAT

Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Mar, 09/10/2018
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Lun, 29/10/2018


The María de Maeztu Unit of excellence for the research in particle, astroparticle Physics and observational cosmology of CIEMAT opens a 4 year predoctoral position for outstanding young
MSc graduates interested in working on Galaxy evolution activities with the CTA and MAGIC telescopes towards a PhD Thesis.

CIEMAT-FP participates in the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), an initiative to build the next generation ground-based very high energy gamma-ray instruments. Our group has been a key member in the construction and recent installation of the first Large Size Telescope of CTA in La Palma. The project's main purpose is to validate the physics potential of the LSTs using commissioning data of the first telescope, to exploit the early data science for the study of transient sources, as well as participating in the validation and commissioning of the next LSTs. The candidate will also join the analysis of data of the nearby MAGIC VHE gamma-ray telescopes.

The complete call can be found here:

The deadline for applications is rather tight: October 29th. Do not hesitate to contact Carlos Delgado ( or Juan Cortina ( for further details about the position and the application process.