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Astronomy for Development Project Scientist

Leiden Observatory
Países Bajos
Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Vie, 08/02/2019
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Lun, 18/03/2019


Project description

Leiden Observatory, the astronomy department of Leiden University, seeks a Project Scientist for the International Astronomical Union (IAU) European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (E-ROAD) and several related projects.

Astronomy is a science that links research, education, cutting-edge technology and cultural heritage in many societies across the world. It is a science that engenders wonder and that has cross-cultural links to religion and philosophy. These qualities make astronomy a powerful science to help to achieve the SDGs and because astronomy is very versatile it is an exceptional platform with which to engage stakeholders across different disciplines and institutions.

Leiden University hosts the IAU E-ROAD in partnership with the European Astronomical Society. The E-ROAD is part of a global network of 8 regional offices, coordinated by the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development in Cape Town, South Africa. The E-ROAD will participate in and coordinate Astronomy for Development programmes that exploit astronomy to further the UN SDGs and implement the new IAU Strategic Plan .


Key Responsibilities

  • Implement the Astronomy for Development strategy of the IAU European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development in Europe;
  • Support the global implementation of the IAU Strategic plan for Astronomy for Development; 
  • Design and conduct research on models of development using fundamental sciences;
  • Engage with development and science for development communities; 
  • Raise funds and identify resources to implement the above-mentioned plans; 
  • Implement the H2020 SpaceEU Work Package on advocacy: 
  • Monitor the progress of the technical and scientific aspects of the project, including budgets and quality and performance indicators;
  • Represent the project occasionally at national, European and international events and conferences;
  • Develop collaborations and communication with a range of relevant stakeholders; 
  • Support the activities of Astronomy & Society Group of Leiden Observatory, the Netherlands.