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Air Shower Physics, Simulations (284/2019)

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Mar, 30/07/2019
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Vie, 02/08/2019


Job description: 
We are looking for a PostDoc to strengthen the air shower physics group at the Institute for Nuclear Physics ( at the KIT (, which is one of the world-leading groups in this field. The planned duration of the contract is 2 years.

The main task is to contribute to the development and design of the new CORSIKA 8 air shower simulation framework in very modern C++17 and python. While programming is one key aspect, the candidate must also take responsibility in coordination of key components of this large software project. This includes (co-)organization of the project, and supervision of students.

It is mandatory that the candidate is already fluent in C++ development, best supplemented with expertise in the more modern capabilities of C++17. Additionally, it is relevant to be skilled in the use of git, unit tests, sanitizers, containers, cmake, python. It is expected that the successful candidate is very open-minded in further improving his/her skills in these fields.

A good overview of the particle- and astroparticle-physics relevant in the context of simulating cosmic ray particles is a major benefit. It will be part of the post doctoral position to implement, validate, and improve physics algorithms/models in CORSIKA 8.

We are seeking for a suited and strong candidate until the position is filled, but to the earliest possible date. Note that KIT is an equal opportunity employer.

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Contact: Ralf Ulrich
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