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4-year PhD contract at IAA (CSIC)

Fecha inicio solicitud: 
Jue, 18/10/2018
Fecha límite solicitud: 
Lun, 29/10/2018


The position is a 4-year PhD contract (FPI, Personal Investigador Predoctoral  en Formación) by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and University, through the program SEVERO OCHOA (SEV-2017-0709-18-2) and the priority science research line “Star formation in the Milky Way and the Local Universe. LUCA survey” lead by Rosa María González Delgado (Profesora de Investigación at the IAA, CSIC).

The thesis work will be focused in the preparatory science and analysis of the first data of the LUCA (The Local Universe from Calar Alto) project, that includes a survey of galaxies of the Local Volume and the Virgo galaxy cluster to be done with a wide area-integral field spectrograph at the 3.5m and Schmidt telescopes at CAHA.

The PhD will be hosted by the Galaxy Evolution group and AyA2016-77846-P, “Galaxies in 3D across the Universe: synergy between IFS and multi-band panoramic surveys”, lead by Rosa González Delgado  & Enrique Pérez Jiménez. Further information can be found here:

The candidate must have a Master’s Degree in Physics (or Mathematics) or a 5-year Physics (or Mathematics) Degree or alternatively be registered or admitted in a doctoral program at a university department on a related subject, at the time of signing the contract. More details on the particular requirements can be found in the following link:

The candidates interested in applying for this grant (deadline 29/10/2018) should mention in their CV any experience with astronomical data, programming skills, knowledge of English, or other relevant knowlege. Candidates might be invited to give a personal or a short skype interview. Please contact as soon as posible with Rosa González Delgado (