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3 PhD positions at the Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC)

Institute of Space Sciences (ICE, CSIC)
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Mié, 08/06/2022
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Lun, 04/07/2022


3 PhD positions at the Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC)


The Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) offers 3 PhD positions within the framework of the Maria de Maetzu Program and are available within the three generic research lines:


RL1) The fabric of the Universe: Using multi-disciplinary cosmological probes and gravitational waves to understand what the universe is made of and how it evolves. Research areas include extragalactic astronomy, observational and theoretical cosmology,  quantum and classical gravity, gravitational waves, and more.


RL2) The extreme Universe: Understanding how matter and fields behave in extreme conditions of density and pressure, gravitational or electromagnetic forces. Research areas include theoretical and observation astrophysics of compact objects, the nuclear matter under extreme conditions, astroparticle physics, high-energy astrophysics, and more.


RL3) From star formation to life: Searching for and characterizing extrasolar Earth-like planets, understanding how they form,  and the analogy with our own planetary environment. Research areas include star formation,  stellar physics,  exoplanet science, solar system  (minor objects, planets),  Earth observations, and more.


More information on available projects and instructions on how to apply is available HERE


Deadline for applications is July 4th, 2022.


For inquiries about applications, send an email to


The  Institute of  Space Sciences counts over  20 faculty members, about  20 engineers,  about  20  post-doc fellows,  and more than a  dozen of  PhD students. ICE is part of the  "Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas" (CSIC,  the Spanish  National Research  Council). CSIC  is the largest public institution dedicated to research in   Spain and the third-largest in Europe. ICE  is also part of the Catalan Institute of Space  Studies (IEEC, Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya).   ICE is located in a  modern building on the Campus of the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Bellaterra, just outside  Barcelona. The  Campus is well served by public transportation (railways and buses).

The ICE-CSIC promotes a diverse and inclusive environment and encourages women and minorities to apply.