Postdoctoral position in Observational Cosmology at CIEMAT

Fecha limite/Deadline: 

The official call for a postdoctoral position in Observational Cosmology at CIEMAT (pre-announced a few weeks ago to this list) has been issued. The deadline is November 7th. The position is based in Madrid for a two-year period. Approximate salary is in the range of 35k€.

Link to the call can be found at:

Detailed administrative instructions are in Spanish, please contact us if you need assistance.

The CIEMAT Experimental Astroparticle Physics program includes an active Cosmology line,
which is undertaking major contributions in projects such as the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and
Physics of the Accelerated Universe (PAU).

The group has a strong focus in observational Cosmology and has played an important role in
building, validating and analyzing the data from DES and PAU. Our main line of scientific
research is Large Scale Structure: understanding the statistical properties of the distribution of
galaxies and relating them to fundamental cosmological parameters. However, we are open to
new opportunities that will show up with the analysis of the recently released first three years of
data from DES, and the early data from PAU.

We are looking for motivated candidates currently holding a PhD in Physics, Astronomy or a
related topic to participate actively in any of our projects and join us in our headquarters in Madrid. In addition, we have an open line to start participation in Euclid, DESI and/or LSST-DESC so proposals to initiate activities in these projects are welcome. Results from this research would be communicated at international conferences and published in reference journals.

For more information on the research project or any question regarding the application, please

Ignacio Sevilla (
Eusebio Sánchez (