Postdoctoral position in Observational Cosmology at CIEMAT

Fecha limite/Deadline: 

Dear colleagues,

The CIEMAT Cosmology Group ( is looking
for a postdoctoral candidate to work with first three years of data from the Dark Energy Survey over the next two years, starting in early 2018.  Our group has been part of this
project since almost its inception and is very active in the
areas of Large Scale Structure, photo-zs and data quality
characterization. We invite any interested candidates in
this or other fields of interest to the group (including
any cosmology research topics for current and upcoming surveys such as PAU,
DESI, LSST or Euclid) to contact:

Eusebio Sánchez:  
Nacho Sevilla:   

for further information.

This is an informal call. The official call will happen in
October 2017 with a very short application window, so we
encourage any candidates to contact us beforehand by the end
of September or as soon as possible for additional details.

Best regards,

Nacho Sevilla.