Multiple postdoc opportunities available at the University of Antofagasta

Universidad de Antofagasta
Fecha limite/Deadline: 

The Unidad de Astronomía at the University of Antofagasta (UAUA) in Chile is seeking enthusiastic recent PhD graduates to carry out cutting-edge research on star formation, galaxy evolution, kinematics, and dynamics, star clusters, variable stars, binary stars, or planetary sciences. We prefer candidates with a team spirit, interested in building strong collaborations with the Chilean and international community. To support their research, successful applicants will not only have access to the 10% Chilean time but also to major surveys in which UAUA is involved, such as SDSS-IV, LSST, VVV, and MINDSTEp. For the first step of the selection process, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us prior to the deadline at to discuss possible projects. A CV, a list of publications, a research statement, and contact information of three referees should be sent to by early July. Selected applicants will then gain the required sponsorship from the University to access local postdoctoral funding sources. Antofagasta where UAUA is based is a large and rapidly expanding (500,000 inhabitants estimated by 2020) coastal city in Northern Chile, on the edge of the spectacular Atacama desert, close to where ALMA and VLT are located, and where several further projects are planned such as the E-ELT. UAUA is the premier professional group in Northern Chile. It is responsible for developing and managing the first Chilean observatory in the Atacama Desert, and the first Astroengineering Center in the North of Chile. More detail on our website: .