The physics and chemistry of interstellar and circumstellar clouds

Fecha limite/Deadline: 

We seek a candidate with a PhD, preferentially in Astrophysics, for a postdoctoral research position on the study of the physics and chemistry of interstellar and/or circumstellar clouds. The goal of the project is to develop models that include basic physical and chemical processes to confront with astronomical observations obtained with millimeter-to-optical observatories (ALMA, IRAM, SOFIA, JWST, GTC). The ideal candidate should have experience in the development of numerical models studying aspects such as the energy balance, hydrodynamics, shocks, chemical processes on the gas phase and on grain surfaces, radiative transfer, etc. We will also consider candidates with a background in the analysis of data gathered with (sub-)millimeter, infrared, and optical telescopes.

The postdoc will take part of the Molecular Astrophysics group of CSIC, based in Madrid (Spain). The selected candidate will be employed for a period of 2 to 3 years (depending of funding and status of the project) with a salary that will depend on research experience. The preferred starting date is September 2017, although it may be adapted to the selected candidate.


If you are interested, please send a Curriculum Vitae and a short letter of motivation to the following e-mail address:

Applications received before June 2017 will receive full consideration.

For further details you can contact:

Dr. Marcelino Agúndez Chico