Two postdoctoral contracts for GREST project

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
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The IAC (Tenerife) invites applications for two postdoctoral contracts to work on topics within the project “GREST: Getting Ready for EST” (H2020-653982), led by Dr. Manuel Collados Vera.

Research topics at the IAC include most areas of astrophysics: solar physics, planetary systems, stellar and interstellar physics, galactic formation and evolution, and cosmology and astroparticles. These research lines are supported by an ambitious instrumentation program. The IAC has been selected as a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellenceby the Spanish Government in 2015, a prestigious recognition awarded for the second time to the IAC as a leading research institute in Spain.Further information about the IAC's research programme, its Observatories and the 10.4m GTC is available at the IAC's web page (

Duties: The selected candidates will collaborate in the development of preliminary concepts for the future instrumentation required by EST as well as in the development of the telescope itself, following the principles defined at the EST conceptual design. Successful candidates will be involved in the activities of the technological and scientific work packages of the GREST project, led either by the IAC or by other consortium members.

The technological lines of interest are the following:

·     Development of new generation detectors

·     Tunable narrow-band Fabry–Perot Interferometers

·     Integral field units and image slicers for 2D solar spectropolarimetry

·     Polarization modulators, specially, liquid crystal variable retarders cells.

·     Adaptive Optics

Whenever the technical developments require it, successful candidates will collaborate in the construction of new prototypes or in the adaptation of existing instruments or prototypes to achieve their tasks.

The selected candidates will work in close contact with the EST Project Office, and, as a result, will acquire a valuable experience for the development of the instruments for EST.

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DEADLINE: March 31, 2017