Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VII

Proceedings of the X Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society
Teaching and Outreach of Astronomy


Invited Talks

Oral Contributions Posters


Invited Talks

EU-UNAWE Project: Inspiring every child with our wonderful cosmos
Eloi Arisa, Jaume Fabregat, and Rosa M. Ros
NIXNOX project: Enjoy the dark skies of Spain
J. Zamorano, A. Sánchez de Miguel, E. Alfaro, D. Martínez-Delgado, F. Ocaña, M. Nievas, and J. Gómez Castaño

Oral Contributions

Collaborating with "professional" amateurs: low-mass stars in fragile multiple systems
J. A. Caballero, J. Genebriera, T. Tobal, F. X. Miret, F. M. Rica, J. Cairol, N. Miret, I. Novalbos, D. Montes, and A. Klutsch
Resources to introduce Inquire Based Scientifi c Education in Secondary and High School
Ana Inés Gómez de Castro, Carmen Lozano-Bright, Ramón Martínez, Miguel Calvo, Faustino Organero, Pere Blay, and Fátima López-Martínez
Light pollution in Valencian Natural Parks: where light not only annoys astronomers
Enric Marco, Angel Morales Rubio, and Joan Manuel Bullón
Asteroid precovery. A citizen-science project using the Virtual Observatory
Carlos Rodrigo, Enrique Solano, and Rebeca Pulido
The Spanish node of the ESO Outreach Network (ESON)
Natalia Ruiz Zelmanovitch and J. Miguel Mas-Hesse


Seeking Life in the Universe / Download poster
L. Cuesta, J.A. Vaquerizo, M. García-Villadangos, L. García-Descalzo, and A. Pérez-Verde
Divulgación del Programa Consolider-GTC / Download poster
Natalia Ruiz Zelmanovitch, Miguel Mass Hesse, and Emilio Alfaro
Didactic applications of remote and robotic observatories / Download poster
J.A. Vaquerizo, D.H. Cabezas, on behalf of CESAR and PARTNeR Teams


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