Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics VI

Proceedings of the IX Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society
Teaching and Outreach of Astronomy


Invited Talks

Oral Contributions Posters


Invited Talks

Archaeoastronomy: archaeology, topography and celestial landscape - From the Nile to Rapa Nui
Juan Antonio Belmonte and Edmundo Edwards

Oral Contributions

The Virtual Observatory in the classroom
Míriam Aberasturi and Enrique Solano

Spreading astrobiology
Luis Cuesta, Rogelio Sánchez-Verdasco, and Daniel Martín-Mayorga

2009: the year of living dangerously
Carmen del Puerto

Astronomy at Ediciones Akal: from public outreach to the university
David Galadí-Enríquez and Elvira de Miguel

Astronomy: a success story in education
Ana Inés Gómez de Castro, Víctor Rodrigo Gudiel, and Fátima López Martínez

Teaching astronomical navigation at the university: an historical overview
Pablo López Varela, Alsira Salgado Don, and Minia Manteiga Outeiro

Teaching and outreaching in the Aula d'Astronomia of the Universitat de València: a lab for studying the heavens
Enric Marco and Fernando Ballesteros

A fascinating adventure: astronomical activities for people with disabilities during IYA 2009
A. Ortiz-Gil, P. Blay, A. T. Gallego Calvente, M. Gómez Collado, J. C. Guirado, M. Lanzara, and S. Martínez Núñez

Centre d'Observacio de l'Univers: first year of activities.
Salvador J. Ribas

Learning radio astronomy by doing radio astronomy
Juan Ángel Vaquerizo Gallego, on behalf of the PARTNeR team


Multiversos: Rock'n'Astronomy
José A. Caballero, Antonio Arias, and Nayra García

Spreading of astronomy in big events: The case of The fira de tots Sants of Cocentaina (Alicante) / Download poster
J. Cantó, R. Luna, M. Á. Satorre, and C. Millán

Education of astronomy in the area of the senior University / Download poster
J. Cantó, R. Luna, G. Blanes, and C. Santonja

The lost honour of Henrietta Leavitt
/ Download poster
Carmen del Puerto

Teaching Astronomy and Astrophysics online at the Valencian International University / Download poster
E. Fuster-Garcia, P. D. Diago, and V. J. Martínez

Astronomical measurements using amateur telescopes / Download poster
I. Martí-Vidal, S. Jiménez-Monferrer, and C. Cruz-Molina

The International Year of Astronomy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid / Download poster
J. Zamorano, D. Montes, M. Hernán-Obispo, A. Sánchez de Miguel, and UCM Astrophysics Dept. and ASAAF-UCM collaborators


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